Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Pics

I thought the day would never come....... but, it's finally here!!!! Cy will now sit through a full episode of Barney - what a blessing!! I am NOT ashamed to say how please I am that he will do this for half an hour. It's the only waking moments when he is actually sitting still, and trust me, I NEED this time. And as long as it takes some of his siblings to get done with schoolwork around here, most days he doesn't even get a chance (no TV on at all during school). We both look forward to this opportunity:

Abby loves Starfall. She doesn't even realize she's doing "school". See the Precious Moments figures in the background?? She was so irritated when she asked about them and I told her they were mine. She wants them to be, well, HERS!! I think somewhere along the way, someone must have said that her mom and dad would get her anything she wants.

This one I'll be in serious trouble for posting if anyone finds out, but I'll trust you all to keep my secret!!! I couldn't resist this one of a certain 11 year old doing school in the tent that spent all of last week eating up my living room.

And someone's hair is getting pretty long. Check out the bedhead:
Side note: My grandmother would throw a fit if she knew I allowed my daughters to come to breakfast looking like this.

And last but not least, how could I not take this sweet picture:

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