Monday, January 21, 2013

God is Good

I had the pleasure of meeting Genevieve Grace (Evie) today.  Two years of planning, paperwork, wondering if itmwould ever actually happen, led to today.  And God proved Himself soooo true and faithful once again!  I am absolutely in love - Evie has my heart in a huge way.  I could never have imagined the day going any more perfect than today ( OK, maybe Jim having been here, but not anything else could have made it better.

I had been told that we would get to Civil Affairs before Evie and get going with paperwork, but that wasn't the case.  She was already there when I walked in.  I got down to her level so I could say hello, and her orphanqge directors started teliing her "Mama, Mama".  She just flashed my a big grin and r dailystarted giggling.  Then while I filled out paperwork I got a chance to see her personality.  She just ran around that room smiling and talking to everyone.  HUGE personality - she will certainly not get lost in the crowd even in our crazy home.

There was only one other family with us, and while they worked on their paperwork I got to spend a little time getting to know Evie.  She was all fun and giggles.  She was carrying around a doll I had sent her in a care package and was very protective of it.  She also had a little backpac that was part of the care package and would not set that down. I had the feeling they had just been given to her today. I brought her a little plastic container of Skittles and scored big points.  She munched on those the whole rest of the time we were there.  The other family had a 9 and a 17 year old with them, and Evie liked hanging out close to them, especially the older boy.  She is going to love her big brothers!!!!!  When the orphanage directors left, she just said good-bye like nothing in the world was different.  Of course, these weren't her actual nannies that took care of her daily, but they were the only people around that were famiiar to her.  The directors gave me a scrapbbok of pictures of her throghout the years, which I appreciated more than I could possibly express to them.  Abby did not get anything like that and she still laments not having any baby pictures.

We left Civil Affairs and had to stop at a picture place to get a picture done for the adoption registration.  While there she chattered nonstop with our guide and had her cracking up.  We ran into the supermarket to take  the girls to the bathroom, and she was fascinated by the mobile walkway they had in there.  She is a pro at the potty, by the way.  We'll see how she does overnight.

Sorry I can't post pics to this right now but I think mostly everyone has seen them on FB.  I just don't know how to do it from the ipad but maybe some of my adoption friends can clue me in at Guangzhou next week.

After all the errands it was back to the hotel, where she said bye-bye to the others in English.  We came up,to our room, and as I opened the door she just gave me e most heartbreaking look.  It was as though she was just then realizing what was going on.  I ushered her inside and she just broke down. It made me feel very sad for her, but I was glad to see this appropriate reaction to a strange situation.  I just held her and sang to her and told her " wo ai ni" ( the extent of my Chinese vocabulary.- I love you) over and over.  Finally, after about an hour, she fell asleep.  BTW, the orphanage directors told  me she doesn't nap during the day but they expected she would today because she would be upset.  I also think she had to be up pretty early to catch the train here,

She woke up in a much better mood and spent the rest of the afternoon doing what she did thid morning; running atound, smiling and talking.  I broke out the Play-Doh I had brought for her and she spent no joke about 2 hours going to town on it. She used the little scissors to cut it into tiny pieces and then mticulously picked up each tiny piece.josiah loves Play Doh too so the  two of them will have a lot of fun with that. At some point I started packing because we have to go to a different hotel tomorrow.  When she saw me packing her socks, it started anoyher cry fest.  She calmed down faster this time - it helped that I had the bright idea to turn on a Pleasant Goat cartoon.  Little Chinese kids love this show, and she is no exception.  It cheered her right up.  I didn't feel like venturing out anywhere, so I just ordered dinner up to the room. I was  impressed with Evie's dexterity with a fork.  She ate her noodles like a pro!  I gave Evie a bath and she truly loved it.  I finally took her out when the splashing got out of control.

I am nervous about tomorrow bwcause we have to ride a van over four hours to get to Evie's town in order to apply for her passport.  I just hope her stomach can handle that much time in the car.

I am beyond humbled at how God blessed us today and made the day absolutely perfect.  All glory and praise go to Him!!!!!

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