Thursday, January 24, 2013


We had an awesome day today!!! It was the first day since I got Evie that we had just a "free" day to do as we pleased. We ended up at an amusement park just a couple of blocks away and had a blast. I will write all about that in a bit, but first I wanted to share a few tidbits about Evie that I keep thinking of and don't want to lose:

1- She is great with a fork, but even so she likes to watch me intently when I eat and then imitates all that I am doing, right down to the grip on my fork. It's like she is insecure about it and wants to make sure she's doing it right.

2 - She really is a very good girl. She had a couple of 'naughty' phrases she was saying (on the same level as the toilet thing) that the guides translated for me. I made it clear (in my awesome google translate version of Mandarin) that I didn't want her saying that. She stood there with this giant pout and tears pooling in her eyes, looking very repentant. I mean, I wasn't yelling at her, just telling her in broken Mandarin that it was naughty and I didn't want her to say those things. It was clear by her expression that she got it. And she hasn't said any of it since.

3 - I've discovered that she doesn't like cheese or green peppers, but she loves corn, scrambled eggs, ramen, chips, and waffles. When she doesn't like something that's already in her mouth, she won't just spit it out, but she gives me a desperate look, like HELP me Mom!!!!

4 - She gets very excited about her new clothes every day when I bring out her outfit. I find it very cute that at such a young age she likes cute clothes. As soon as she's dressed, she runs in front of the full length mirror to check herself out.

5 - she wants to take her backpack everywhere. We were at the notary's office the other day and I had left her backpack in the car. She was chattering away with me like she always does, and some lady turned to me and said "she just said to you that she did not bring her backpack".

6 - She is very neat about her eating. She will eat entire cups of ramen and not get a drop on her outfit. She will also pick up little scraps as they fall so that when she is done, there is no mess in front of her. She can probably teach this skill to a couple of siblings.

7. She already recognizes Starbucks and points at it excitedly when we pass one!!! I had to train her well before I let her be exposed to Daddy's negative "I hate Starbucks" attitude.

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  1. So, yeah, every post you've published from China has made me cry happy tears. I love hearing about her personality!