Saturday, January 19, 2013


I made it to Hangzhou after a pretty uneventful flight from Tokyo.  It was really nice to have a 3 and a half hour flight instead of 14+ like last time.  My guide here, Fiona, is great.  She is very, very friendly and put me at ease right away.  She also handed  me my TA (that one essential document I was missing) as soon as we got in the van, which took care of my last major concern.   She also let me know that there is another American family coming in Sunday night and we will be getting our children at the same time and doing everything together most of the week.  I am thrilled that I'll have a little company.

My hotel, the Ramada Plaza Haihua, is not bad.  Definitely not the White Swan, but it's nice enough.  The room has two beds and it's pretty comfortable.  Fiona said it's about a five minute walk to West Lake, so I'm about to go off and explore that for a little while.

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