Saturday, January 26, 2013

Medical Exam Day

Words cannot explain how awesome it is to see these many families grown by adoption. All U.S. families adopting from China have to come through Guangzhou to get a medical exam for their child as well as to process their child's U.S. visa. A ton of these families stay at our hotel, so just walking through the breakfast room this morning was a lot of fun. It was family after family with their new little additions. The families that brought their other kids along always make me want to cry because I miss my kids so much!! It is such a great atmosphere and everyone is so happy for everyone else. Everyone is asking "How old is your kid" and "What province is she from?". Or "First adoption?". It's a little like a big maternity ward.

Then it's even more multiplied at the clinic. There are dozens of families there at any given time waiting for their child's exam. It is really touching to see all of the different needs a lot of the kids have, and it warms your heart that God had this excellent idea of adoption. Don't ever tell any of these parents what a blessing they are being to their kids, either..... The joy and pride in their eyes shout out who the one truly being blessed is!! It really is an amazing sight and a very touching experience. Which is why that "first adoption?" question has become such a common one around here.

The exam went well, but I won't say it was a fun time. They drew some blood for a TB test (new regulation for the adopted children) and that was the toughest part. They wouldn't let parents in the room and Evie was in there for over 20 minutes. I was staring through the little glass on the door and trying to make out the silhouettes behind the curtain. Then they finally brought her out and her little face was bright red and tears just rolling everywhere and I wanted to cry. She also had band-aids in a couple of different places so I know they had a hard time getting a good vein. Luckily, she brushed it off pretty fast and returned to her usual, cheerful self.

We also had a couple of great Skype sessions with everyone at home. Evie is really opening up to them and showing off her personality. She loves to act goofy with her brothers.

Venturing out with a few of the other families tonight for dinner was a lot of fun. Even though the service at Tekila's, the Mexican restaurant our guide suggested, was excrutiatingly bad, the food and company were great. Evie loves to chat and giggle with one of the little boys, a sweet little 2 year old that is cute as can be. Who knows what in the world they are saying to each other! There is also another little guy who is exactly 2 weeks younger than Evie. It is cute watching them all trying out different foods and figuring out these adults that look and sound weird and don't understand a word they are saying. But seriously, if you are going to Guangzhou beware of Tekila's. Several of the things our group ordered never even made it to the table, Evie's meal included. Boo!

Tomorrow's agenda: Safari park. With the whole group. Expect lots of pictures of LOTS of cute kids!

Evie pouting waiting for a meal that never came:

Loving her new nightgown:

Her 2 yr old buddy:

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  1. You missed the part about her blowing kisses to her little boyfriend. :)