Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Official!!!!!!

We went back to Civil Affairs this morning and made Evie's adoption official.  She was very, very, quiet when we were back there, which was a huge switchnfrom yesterday.  I'm sure she was confused and questioning what exactlynwas happening.  We're back at the hotel now and she's back to her perky self.

Highlights from the past 12 hours:

She can handle her fork like a pro, and just like big sister Abby loves noodles and scrambled eggs.

She slept like a rock.  I had to wake her up at 7:30 after getting her to sleepat 8.

Evie's highly independent.  I really thought she would need more assistance with things but she reslly doesn't.  Makes sense considering the fact that the nannies have so many to care for.  I am definitely done with the baby stage, somhaving sixmkids doesn't seem so overwhelming.  They can all dress themselves and take themselves to the bathroom.  Oh, and feed themselves.  Makes mothering a world easier.

I can tell she's being sassy with me even though I don't understand the words.  It's all in the attitude.  And she seems to enjoy the fact that she's getting away with it.

I miss the rest of my family desperately!!!

We have some free time and need to go find some lunch.  Then it's off to the notary followed by a four and a half hour van ride to Wenzhou where we have to apply for her passport (Chinese, not U.S.).  We'll spend the night there and then it's back to Hangzhou tomorrow.  9 hours in a car over 24 hours.  At least we have seatbelts!

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