Friday, January 18, 2013

On My Way

It was sad saying good-bye to everyone.  Pretty weird, too, knowing that the next time we are all together we will be a family of EIGHT!!!!  I am pretty excited about finally, after two long years, being on mybway to Evie!!!

I came out to the airport so I could spend the night right here and be ready for my morning flight.  It's not that early, 10:30, but I would have to leave my house at 5 am to ensure I'd be at the airport on time.  Plus I'd have to hire a driver because there's no shuttle that early.  We don't drive to the airport here; it's just not a good experience. I am very glad to have come out tonight because I am getting to enjoy some down time instead of doing what I would be doing at home- frantically packing, cleaning, stressing.  I just still really wish it had worked out to bring somebody with me.  It's incredibly quiet for someone used to constant noise and craziness.  I miss the noise and craziness.  And I've only been gone six hours!!!!

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