Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Article 5

I emailed the Consulate in Guangzhou one more time last night in a desperate attempt to get ANY information at all about the status of our paperwork. They promptly responded letting me know that our Article 5 was picked up by our agency on Nov. 30!!!! This is the very last step of this wait. The Art. 5 gets delivered to the C**A and they will then issue Travel Approval - then we're on our way to Abby. What is most exciting is that this is it for the US side of things, and the last step where any hiccup could've taken place is BEHIND us. In theory there could still be holdups, but not of the type where someone could tell me something is wrong with my paperwork.
Sadly, we will not be traveling in December at this point, though. I had hoped and prayed to have Abby home for Christmas. But just knowing we have such a mountain behind us is enough of a Christmas present for me. It looks like our agency is planning to send a group the first week of January, and hopefully we can make it out with that group!!


  1. Great News!!!! We are so close to each other with our paperwork. Hopefully your TA will come quickly!!! We have been waiting just over two weeks for our TA. Abby is so won't be long now!

  2. Thanks for your kind comment on my last post. How exciting for you to be soooo close. I'm looking forward to following your trip very soon.

  3. So Excited that your Article 5 came! You waited quite some time for it! I think we may miss each other by mere weeks in China. It will be great to follow your journey to your BEAUTIFUL daughter though. Can't wait for your TA announcement!