Sunday, December 6, 2009


I had to take a minute to type this, because it's been on my mind all week and I want to flesh out the thoughts on "paper". I hesitated to post because I realize that I am speaking about a group that I am now a part of, and I didn't want this at all to seem to be self serving or a pat on the back for myself. Then I realized that most people reading this would understand where I'm coming from. Please know that I am not speaking of myself at all, but just that I find myself in awe at the people I have found myself SURROUNDED by. I don't think what my family is doing in any way compares to what most of these families are doing, not even close.

I posted a couple of months ago about how grateful I am to have found an online community that has walked the road of adoption before, because they are my true cheerleaders in this whole process. Well, lately I have felt completely overwhelmed lately by the stories I've been reading about on other peoples' adoption blogs. And maybe not so much the stories, but the love. It is so amazing to me that so many families out there feel called to adopt, and then respond with such PASSION. I was literally in tears a few nights ago reading about a family waiting for to travel for their SN boy, and that's when it struck me. This is not what the world would consider "normal". Not only do these families seek to add to their numbers by pretty unconventional means, but then to be so utterly excited at every little step of the process. To feel pure JOY at the privilege of getting to be a part of these little ones' lives......... Little ones that most others would consider "imperfect". It has been such a blessing to me over the last few months to get a peek at these families' journeys, to watch so many of them wait and wait with great expectation, and then be united with their children, and then to watch them blossom into a family; some journeys smoother than others, but all having a breathtaking amount of LOVE behind them. People besides themselves with anticipation waiting to bring home children that they did not genetically contribute to, children that will have countless medical and emotional issues to deal with in months to come. And these people can NOT wait to bring these children home. And then, they travel halfway around the world and bring them home and deal with grieving children, temper tantrums, and a mountain of communication issues - all things they knew ahead of time would have to be dealt. with. And they CHOSE to do this - and continue every day to choose to love these kids!! And the real kicker, they count THEMSELVES blessed.

These families have inspired and changed me in countless ways. I have seen the love of Jesus firsthand by watching all of them, and I frankly do not have enough words to express what a thrill that is!!!!! It is HIS love that is ACTIVE, changing the world, at a time when so many are SO cynical and would make us think the worse of those around us. I have hundreds of stories to share with those people now, and with those who would question if GOD is really active today - He is, He is , HE IS!!! And I get to read about it EVERY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. My favorite story of HIS love in action this week is here. Read it from the beginning and have yourself a good cry.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more!!!! It has been so inspiring to me to be a part of this loving community!!!

    And I most adamantly agree with you that our God is actively present in our daily lives!

    We are all so blessed!!

    (BTW, it would be wonderful to be in China together. Avery is also from the Guangdong Province just like your Abby. Hopefully I will have the pleasure of meeting allof you!)

  2. Great post...I feel the same way. In the end these we are the blessed ones. I would go again in a second! Congratulations on your girl!

  3. Wonderful inspired words :) Thanks for your sweet thoughts, and your encouraging comments on my blog. I feel so blessed to be counted among such wonderful people. Have a wonderful Christmas season!

  4. I love that you wrote just how I feel! How did you know? ;) Is God not amazing!?!?