Friday, December 18, 2009

On Pins and Needles

OK - I haven't heard anything official yet, but.......
First, I emailed the travel agency back yesterday and directly asked if our adoption agency had asked them to contact me. They said no, they were just updating their files and wanted to touch base with people that should be traveling soon.

However, I did confirm with about 10 different APs that adopted with our agency within the last few months that they did receive that same email from the travel agency a day before they got the call about their TA. And, some of these people contacted the travel agency just like I did and they also denied that they knew anything about TA being there. So I'm feeling pretty positive that our agency has our TA right now. Why, oh why, must they play these games and not tell people right away??? I just hope that I get a call today and don't have to wait 'til Monday. And I hope I'm not just getting myself worked up for no reason.....


  1. Oh my....
    I am so praying that you hear something today!!!

  2. Sending extra prayers your way that you hear today that your TA is here and that you don't have to wait the weekend!

    Hearing you have TA would make me SO happy! :)