Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank you Smores

Something WAY cool happened last night. This will show you that the title for yesterday's post was completely accurate...... I am going completely crazy at this point waiting for our Travel Approval. One thing that brings a bit of sanity to me is reading other people's blogs, and Stefanie over at NiHao Y'all has served to distract me the last few weeks in a BIG way. She had asked people to post Christmas gift ideas, and eventually this turned into a bit of a contest. She decided to break the ideas up into age groups, and then after a predetermined date she would select a winner for the best idea for each age group. I had sent in a few ideas before, but yesterday at the very last minute I decided to send in what actually is my favorite gift I'm giving this year, and I'm not really sure why I hadn't already sent this in. I sent in to the 4-7 category (even though my DD who is getting this is 8) because I really think it's probably most appropriate for the younger age group. But my sweetie has been wanting this for years and I was never willing to pay full price for it. It was finally on sale this year and I know she would STILL love it, I know Abby will love it, and little man after them will get a lot of joy out of it for years to come. Anyways, this was my submission to Stefanie's contest: Smores the Pony

And I'm still shocked because I WON. I never ever win anything, this is so AMAZING!!!!! The prize is a $25 Amazon gift card, and let me tell you, this has made THIS Christmas shopping mama very, very happy. I feel ridiculous about how excited I am about this, but frankly I know it's a side effect of losing my mind over the wait for Travel Approval. My kids thought I was really funny doing my little jig around the room last night when I found out, even though they only know half the story because of course, I could not tell them what the winning idea was.

So thank you Stefanie, you made my day!!!!! Of course, I absolutely LOVE the runner up, and now I have to go searching for that for my two little ones.

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  1. Congratulation!! Winning (anything) is always a big deal!!! Good for you!

    I am praying that you hear something real soon...