Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We got our dates!!! We will arrive in Beijing on January 14th, and fly to Guangdong (Abby's province) on the 17th. CA will be on January 25th. I don't have plane tickets yet, but those dates should put us home on January 28th, which is DH's birthday (and he's not traveling with us, so he'll get to meet Abby on his birthday), and just in time for his promotion on January 29th. Oh, and I'll still be home on January 9th like I wanted for little man's 2nd birthday.

So, why did I stress about the timing of all this?? I couldn't have scheduled it better myself!!!! God gets all the credit for these perfect plans - His timing always IS perfect, isn't it????

Praising Him today, and off to enjoy a JOY filled Christmas. I was so sad for a while that Abby wouldn't be here, but just knowing when I'll see her sweet face makes it OK. I'm going to bake, wrap, watch It's a Wonderful Life, sing, praise God, and play games to my heart's content for the next few days. I'll pack next week.........


  1. Congratulations!!!!!
    I am so excited for you!!!!

    Everything worked out perfectly!!
    Isn't God's timing amazing!!!

    Can't wait to follow you all to China...and back!!

    Merry Christmas!!

    PS I am praying that we get word today about our TA!!!!!

  2. We just received our TA!!!!

    Maybe we will be in China together!!

    We both have received amazing Christmas gifts!!

    God is good ALL THE TIME!!!

  3. Chris -
    I know, I left you a message over on your blog. I'm SO excited for you, and we must definitely plan a dinner so Avery and Abby can meet!!